What is Proxy Server? How it Works

proxy server

Proxy Server Meaning and Definition

Proxy server is a device or system that works among an application and the client, such as a server and a web browser. It receives all requests sent to the server and checks whether it can execute the requests by itself or not and then it directs the request to the exact server.

Proxy servers are also commonly used in firewalls. Because, only the single proxy server can be kept more secure than hundreds of individual computers on a network.

When someone inside the corporate network wants to access a server on the internet, a request from the computer is sent to the proxy server, the proxy server associates the server over the internet and afterwards it drives the information from internet to the corporate network’s computer. By performing as a go-between model, proxy servers can maintain security as well as log all traffic between the internet and the network.

The proxy server can be a program running on the same machine as the browser and also running on same other machine in the network serving many browsers. Users can configure their browser with proxies for protocols that the browser does not speak. Hence we can increase the range of information sources to which the browsers can access.


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