What Causes Food Poisoning?

food poisioningKnow about Food Poisioning

Our world is going mad around us for various reasons and we’re simply forced to watch it happen. Since we’re talking about food at the moment I would like to make the point that what you eat has a big impact on how you behave. Livestock used to be raised in a natural manner and the meat produced was a reasonably healthy part of our diet. This is not true anymore. Farmers want cattle to grow as large as possible as quickly as possible so they fill their herds full of growth hormones to maximize profits. If you actually cook the food that you eat it is impossible not to notice the difference in beef over the last few years. Now when you eat that wonderful steak you are also ingesting many other substances that have a negative effect on your body, mind and behavior.

Chickens are now raised in areas so small that they go mad at an early age and tear at each other with their beaks. Instead of going back to free range poultry farmers simply cut the beaks off of the birds so their “product” isn’t damaged. These birds do not eat the same food that they used to; they are also fed growth hormones. Can you taste the difference? I know that I can, and I can also see the difference when I cook one of these “modern” birds. We are filling our bodies with chemicals that have to have an impact on us in many different ways! The government tells us that everything is just fine and that this food is perfectly safe and yet many countries in the world will not take free food from us even when they are starving.

We are also the leading producer of various hybrid grains that other countries will not take from us at any price, even when we try to give it to famine stricken people. I’m not trying to be an alarmist about this, maybe the United States government is absolutely correct! Maybe these foods are “safe” for us to eat in the sense that we won’t drop dead after eating them for many years and yet it is absurd to claim that ingesting these substances has no effect on us.

Have you noticed that most homes do not drink water from their faucets anymore? People have become accustomed to buying drinking water because the sad truth is that municipal water purification systems simply do not work adequately anymore. While many kinds of filth are removed the average cities water when tested shows large trace elements of all kinds of commonly used-pharmaceuticals, like antibiotics.
Our fruit and produce are heavily “protected” against insects and disease, which do reduce the profit margin of the yearly crop for the struggling farmer. However, this protection is commonly achieved by spraying the fruit or produce repeatedly with various poisons. These poisons end up in our bodies either by direct consumption or by running off into our water supply where we unknowingly drink it.

Still another example is the common lawn, which certainly seems innocent enough doesn’t it? It used to amuse me that people would rake the leaves from their lawns all through the fall season and then spend money buying artificial, chemical fertilizer so that the grass would have enough food to keep it alive and healthy-looking the rest of the year. If they simply left the leaves where they fell the lawn would be very happy with the organic food supply and I always thought that the fallen leaves looked very attractive where they were. Instead, people bag them up in plastic bags that go into landfills. The plastic bags are not biodegradable so they last a long time and put nothing positive back into the environment. The chemical fertilizer comes back to haunt us by entering our water supply.

It’s also true that people now use food products that are simply loaded with still other chemicals to preserve their flavor and freshness. When everything we eat and drink comes loaded with all of these different drugs it is small wonder that we have so much trouble controlling our mind and behaving like human beings.

If you have ever read an elementary psychology book then you are already aware of what happens to animals when they are packed into overcrowded environments—they become insane! Our social surroundings stopped being “normal” for our species when cities first became popular and this process was dramatically sped up with the advent of the industrial revolution. The result is deviant behavior, sometimes in rather spectacular ways. Most of us do not become “Boston Stranglers” or “Jack-the-Rippers” but we all feel the pressure and we all suffer from the problem.


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