What is Wealth?

wealthWhat is Wealth? Explain

A man is not necessarily poor because he have no money. Wealth depends on the ownership of valuable things and on the capacity and means of creating other valuable things. For instance, here is a man who owns a thousand acres of fertile land. It is situated in a salubrious region, convenient to markets, and is under a high state of cultivation. On it stands a substantial farm-house well supplied with furniture and every needed convenience.

The barns and out houses are commodious. The farm is stocked with the best breeds of horses and cattle and amply supplied with all kinds of agricultural implements and machines. The granaries are over flowing with grain. The dairy house is piled full of cheese and butter. Large amounts of hay lie untouched and stocks of grain are threshed.

The farmer owns all these things free of debt, but he has only five dollars in money. Would any one be foolish enough to think such a man poor? He is rich because he owns a large amount of valuable commodities and is constantly creating more. These he can exchange for other commodities and supply his wants at will. What is true of an individual is equally true of a nation. Its wealth does not consist simply of money, but of valuable commodities and the power to create other resources affiliate program


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