[]).push(); It was entitled “Make Money Online – Ideas for College Students” and went over how she had actually made money while in school with very little money of her own to invest in this new business.She told me I could have the article because she was really writing it for me anyway. She knew times were tough at home and if I could go online and make money like she was doing then things might not be so tight. We spent the next hour finishing the article and when we were done, I had a new respect for my daughter and a burning desire to duplicate her results.Seems she had found a way to go online and find groups of people who had certain needs or desires. She then found a digital information product that solved this need or desire by showing the group of people how to get rid of a problem or create a solution to take care of their needs. She had started with acne. A lot of her friends were still suffering from it so she found a digital book online that you could buy that had all these natural cures for acne. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle ); This book was written by someone willing to give a commission to those who sold it for him. I was worried about being taken advantage of until my daughter explained that an independent third party handled the transactions and she always got her money. I never even knew this type of thing existed.I thought about changing the title of the article from “make money online – ideas for college students” to “college student shows busy mom how to make money from home” because that is exactly what she did and it is awesome!


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