Easy Ways to Make Money

“Are there any easy ways to make money?”

The short answer is “Yes”, but this needs to be qualified.

First, understand that there are NO FREE WAYS to make money, nor are there any ways to make FREE money, whichever way you like to say it! There is no scheme where you pay nothing and do nothing, and you make money automatically. If there were, millions of people would be doing it and they certainly wouldn’t tell anyone else about it. There are no on-line philanthropists who wish to “help” you to make money from the goodness of their heart; They want only to help themselves in some way. To make money you must expend some measure of your own cash or time or effort, or some combination of these.

That does not mean that you must always pay money for help or ideas to make money. There are several sources of information, and even software, which require no cash payment, but do require your time and effort to make the ideas work. An example is automated advertisements. More of that in a moment.

“What is the easiest way to make money?”

The easiest way to make money is, without a shadow of a doubt, by using the communicative power of the Internet, through which you can reach millions of people who may be looking for what you are offering. If you think that you have nothing to offer, you’d almost certainly be wrong!

“What can I offer to people?”

The easiest way to make money on the Internet is by offering products or services provided by other companies. This is known as “Affiliate Marketing”. You become an affiliate of the product manufacturer or service provider, and they pay you cash as a commission on whatever you sell for them.

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“How much commission will I be paid?”

There are no rules. You’ll probably want to go for those affiliate programs which pay a minimum of 4% on consumer goods like TVs and games consoles. Digital goods like e-books and software can pay 50% or more! 25% is common for financial services. Insurance companies can pay you $5 just for a lead, without selling anything, and $70 if the prospect buys a policy. You may be surprised at some of the companies that operate affiliate schemes, even huge ones, like Sony, Argos, Wal-Mart, Sears.

“What else will I need?”

Patience. Don’t expect miracles overnight. It may take some time and effort on your part, but success will come for sure. The amount of your success is usually commensurate with your effort in the early months. Sooner or later, your enterprise will achieve critical mass and start to snowball. Then it will be difficult to stop the money rolling in. Good luck!


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