The Science of Laser Beams


In What Way the Lasers are used for? Lasers are now playing a major role not only in communication but also in precise machining, cutting, drilling and welding. This is due to their enormous power which can generate temperatures of 4000 degrees centigrade quite easily over a very small localized area. This high temperature is…


What is Commerce?


Commerce Definition The trade of the world appears a very complex matter. But in reality it is all nothing but a multiplication of three things. First, a trade directly between A and B. Second, a trade between A and B through the medium of a third party, C. Third, a trade between A and B…


How To Use Money Wisely?

uses of money

What are the Uses of Money? Money has several different uses. It is used for exchanging, comparing, computing, dividing, storing, and transporting values. But the peculiar and essential function and use of money is to help mankind make exchanges and compare the value of one thing with that of another. How money can take the…


What is Wealth?


What is Wealth? Explain A man is not necessarily poor because he have no money. Wealth depends on the ownership of valuable things and on the capacity and means of creating other valuable things. For instance, here is a man who owns a thousand acres of fertile land. It is situated in a salubrious region,…



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Personal Development Tool Kit

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What is Electro Motive Force (EMF)? Definition

electro motive force

Electro Motive Force – EMF Each cell has to do some work to send electricity through the conducting path. This work is done by the electromotive force emf of the cell. If E is the electricity, volt (V) is the emf of a cell, the work it does to send one coulomb ( C )…


What is Volumetric Analysis and Quantitative Analysis?

volumetric analysis

Volumetric Analysis and Quantitative Analysis In analytical chemistry, the method of measuring chemical solutions, substances in the laboratory using specific apparatus is known as volumetry. This is very much essential for any chemistry experiments. The analysis of substances in chemistry is done by two major methods. (i) Qualitative Analysis and (ii) Quantitative Analysis. Quantitative analysis…


What is Multicast Routing?

multicast routing

Multicast Routing – A Brief Explanation Multi-cast Routing is sending packets to a group of nodes only. So, creating and destroying groups, joining and leaving group primitives are to support multicasting. In multicast routing, each router computes a spanning tree per group which is created by removing all the links which do not lead to…