); Affiliate marketing is a legitimate work from home job with no startup fees in that you don’t have to purchase anyone’s packaged deal promising all manner of riches. You will have the small costs I mentioned earlier, though. For those not familiar with affiliate marketing, it works by you finding a company which has a specific product to sell. If that company has an affiliate program, you sign up and begin marketing that product through many different ways. These methods are easily researched online. When someone buys that product, you get a commission from the company of which you are an affiliate. What is great about this is you can have many different products on your website or blog and as long as you get people to come to your site, you will continue to make money. Driving users to your site or blog is the key. It will require some research and time to learn how, but there are many resources online to show you the most common ways, the ways which require the least time investment, and the ways which require the least capital investment. You have to figure out what is best for you and your situation. If you have been looking to start a legitimate home business, now is the time. People are making lots of money on the internet, cut yourself a piece of the pie!!


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